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In Chinese medicine candidiasis is caused by "dampness", this illustrates the oriental concept that moisture can become pathogenic and manifest in symptoms such as excess mucous, oedema, cysts, tumours. and itt provides optimal conditions for opportunistic microorganisms such as yeast, viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. Dampness can also be experienced as feelings of heaviness, bloating and mental dullness. Candida affects the digestive system and inhibits assimilation of essential nutrients and amino acids causing a weakening of immunity and general health. Damp diseases in general have a sluggish, stagnant quality and often take a long time to cure [21].Chinese Medicine believes that dampness when left untreated can underlie many chronic inflammatory diseases associated with ageing.

In ancient and modern Chinese medical texts there exists a large body of discussion on dampness and its treatment strategies and entire texts are dedicated to the sole discussion of fluids, dampness, phlegm and mucous [22]. It reflects the serious nature in which the Chinese regard this pathogen, its chronic nature and significant impact on long term health. Treatment may include include acupuncture, diet recommendations, Chinese herbs, naturopathic supplements, probiotics and lifestyle recommendations.

The Diagnosis of Thrush in Chinese Medicine is caused by "dampness" invading the pelvic ( Lower Burner) region, it can be due to the following syndromes

  • Dampness and Spleen Qi deficiency
  • Damp-heat in the Lower Burner affecting the Liver channel
  • Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency 


DIGESTION candida- chin med - Deakin Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre in Deakin, Canberra, Sydney, Rozelle
Chinese medicine recognises that strengthening digestion and treating gut dysbiosis is essential in chronic candidiasis and this requires patience. I understand that making dietary changes can be confronting and challenging for some people, as food habits can have psychological “pay offs” or can be based around social events. There is no quick fix with treating a damp condition and the commitment and effort you make in your health, will in the end will be an investment in long term good health.

In Chinese dietary therapy the yeast and dampness forming foods are those that are cold in temperature, too sweet or too salty, too oily, mucous producing, stale or rancid. Too much raw food can also weaken digestion. Any of these foods eaten regularly will eventually lead to dampness,   these foods are commonly consumed in abundance by the majority of patients, even by those who are “health” conscious. The ancient Chinese understood how to eat according to the seasons and the modern diet with its many fads has lost this common sense and its connection to seasonal patterns. For example protein or raw smoothies are currently popular and consumed as meal replacements, they commonly use damp ingredients such as bananas or frozen blueberries and other raw fruits and vegetables combined with soy or coconut milk and whey protein, these ingredients were once only available for a limited time over spring or summer, but we now have excess to these throughout the year and they have become a staple for many health conscious clients.CONSTITUTION
Chinese medicine recognises that each person is a unique and they have inherited a constitutional type that can predispose them to particular types of digestive and health weaknesses. Recommendations are usually based upon knowledge of Chinese diet therapy and take into consideration each individual’s constitution, I combine this with our anti-candida diet protocol and this combines the best of Chinese medicine and a Western naturopathic approach

According to Chinese physiology extreme emotions can down-regulate organ function. The states of anxiety and worry are the emotions that affect the Spleen’s digestive function and may contribute to pathogenic dampness. The Spleen and Stomach are primarily responsible for the digestion and distribution of nutrients derived from our food. Frustration and stress affects the Liver and this in turn interferes with the Spleen’s digestive function.

The impact of emotions on your health cannot be underrated and I always aim to address these during your treatment. Acupuncture helps to regulate your nervous system bringing about a calmer sense of well being.

Our environments can be also an external cause of dampness, this could be living or working in a place with a rising damp, plumbing problems, or living in a home built near or over an underground watercourse or swamp. Also areas of high rainfall and humidity will also predispose one to dampness. While some situations can’t be always be changed but there is often a solution to help minimise how damp environments may impact your health, as part of a holistic approach to healthcare I will advise you on possible solutions. When addressing the environment this includes the local genital environment and how some types of synthetic fibres, clothing and underwear can also increase moisture and sweating in the groin region.

In 1972 a urologist Barry-Perkins Young observed a condition that occurs in males that presented with comorbid azoospermia, sinusitis and bronchiectasis infections, he named this Young’s syndrome. While this is considered a rare condition, we have noticed over the decades that low grade chronic sinusitis linked to sub fertility in both males and female patients.

In a 2004 study revealed gum disease during pregnancy linked to preterm births.

Another systematic review and meta-analysis from 2007 examines studies that link periodontitis and cardiovascular disease. An evidence based review of over forty studies shows women with periodontitis took longer to conceive. There is compelling body of evidence that examines how infections can modulate the development of autoimmune diseases.

I believe that low grade chronic infections must be addressed and that a focal infection and its consequences on overall long term health should not be underestimated. Under my care I will let you know about any chronic infection markers that are detected.

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candida- chin med - Deakin Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre in Deakin, Canberra, Sydney, Rozelle 
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candida- chin med - Deakin Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre in Deakin, Canberra, Sydney, Rozelle